WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


AJ Mix - a Harley riders delight a melon berry mix with pineapple

Blueberry Rap - Blueberry with a blended berry finish

Blue Dragon Mist - a misty combination of blueberry and dragonfruit

Black Forest - a dark and magical blackberry potion with hints of raspberry

Blackberry Rap - a berry blend with delicious lime finish

BlueRaspberry Cotton Cloud - a favorite childhood treat ADULTS love

Broadsword - Sweet stomping strawberry matched with a roaring watermelon 

Deep Woods - a deep citrus flavor rooted in forest fruits and mixed berries

Dragon Berry - a banana blended with berries and dragon fruit

Emily’s Dragons - a well blended strawberry dragonfruit delight

Fuzzy Peach - a sour twist with a berry kick

Guava Pango - a tropical Guava blended with tropical fruits

Island Breeze - a monsoon for tropical power

Juicy Jackfruit - a Wonderfull berry champagne

Ka-Pow! - a strong hit in our mouth of forest and tropical fruits

Mountain Mist - a raspberry and peach blend with a mountain top berry

Orange Splash - a slam dunk in a pool of tangerine and strawberry heaven

Pineapple Splash - a refreshing blend of Hawaiian drink and strawberries

Rainbow Drop - a cheerful ray of citrus with a hint of sunshine

Steve’s Mystery - a mysterious wild berry mix

Strawberry Blast - a magical red wood forest blend with a strawberry mix

Sour Berry - a sour strawberry bomber to blast your tastebuds

Super Grape - a superhero grape sidekick

Sweetest Sin - a sinful blend of berries with commandment braking lime

Watermelon Drop - a sugary treat that dissolves slowly in your mouth

Watermango - a fresh juicy mango blend


Red Cig - a bold non-menthol tobacco blend

Green Cig - a cooling menthol tobacco blend

Fire Leaf - a sophisticated tobacco blend

La Napoleon - “SHORT” “complex” tobacco blend


Apple Swirl - a spinning Apple and cinnamon sensation

Banana blast - a banana split with marshmallow and ice cream

Bavarian Blend - a vanilla cream desert worked to perfection

Caramel Smooth - a smooth caramel ice cream

Custard Creation - a creamy custard masterpiece

Do it! - a gram cracker dipped the strawberry custard cream

Coco Cream - a delicious ice cream with caramel drizzle and coconut shavings

Pink Lady - a creamy Bavarian strawberry parfait

Pecan Surprise - a sweet butter caramel glazed pecan mixture

Peppermint Cream - a peppermint cleansing cream

Southern Apples - a southern style apple pie with an old fashion Kentucky kick

Sweet Dreams - a vanilla caramel dream team with coffee back notes

Steve’s Cheesecake - Steve’s hometown cheesecake, fuhgettaboutit

Strawnana - a creamy strawberry banana delicacy

Strawberry Finale - a delicious Strawberry Cheesecake

Super Vanilla Cookie - if you have to ask don't buy it! LOL

Toasted Joy - a delicious toasted almond chocolate treat

Upside-down Pineapple - a delicious syrupy topping to the world known cake

Typical Yogurt - tropical fruit and yogurt blend


Butter Brew - a hocus pocus drink of magical proportions

Chocolate Milkshake - <= description in title

Cookie Doh Espresso - a cookie/coffee lovers dream

Cookie-N-Donuts - bring justice to your morning babe

Cucumber Mint - a refreshing spa like beverage that will entice the pallet

Forest Tea - a masterful blend of fine tea leaves and mixed berries

Robin Slushie - a wild berry slushie

Blue Raspberry Slushie - a polar slush of berry goodness

Mint Shake - a classic green mint shake

Strawberry or Raspberry Mojito - your favorite adult beverage

Strawberry Silk - a shake flavored strawberry as smooth as silk

Steve’s Latte - a special coffee blend from the owner himself